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Whether you need glasses or contact lenses for myopia control, post and pre op LASIK, or routine eye exams, come to our family optometry clinic: Orange County Vision Center. Our optical office is staffed by eye doctors and opticians that provides eye care service for our community.

New Patients

We offer a new patient center to help you with forms and information prior to your visit. The new patient center can be very convenient for busy lifestyles. It can also make your appointment quicker. It can help you feel relaxed and comfortable knowing that some of the paper work has already been done.

Services We Offer

Selecting optical services for your eye care needs involves finding eye doctors who offer a range of services. If you have a family, our family optometry eyecare may be of interest to you. Though we do not offer eye surgery, we can refer you to a surgeon as well as provide post and pre op LASIK services.

An optometrist on our optical team is here to help. Some of the services offered by us at Orange County Vision Center include:

  • Routine Eye Exams: Some of the most common eye doctors services are vision exams and routine eye exams. Children, adults, and seniors can all benefit from regular eye exams to make sure you have good eye health. Eye exams are effective to detect potential issues early.
  • Contact Lenses: We offer prescription services for contact lenses. Specialized lenses like multifocal and rigid gas permeable are some options for certain individuals who may need them.
  • Glasses and Eyewear: We at Orange County Vision Center have a wide selection of glass frames for individual needs. We can work with you to help get the best lenses and frames for a good fit.
  • Ortho-K: A modern solution for contact lens wearers is Ortho-K (otherwise known as orthokeratology). These lenses fit your eye by molding to the cornea during sleep. When you are awake you will experience improved vision which can include better myopia control.
  • Computer Vision: Computer screens can put a strain on your eyes over time. Specialized computer glasses can help you to improve your vision while using computers.

Get Family Optometry, Post and Pre Op LASIK, Routine Eye Exams, and More with an Optometrist on Our Optical Team

Our family optometry team at Orange County Vision Center is here to help provide a variety of services, including myopia control, orthokeratology, services from our opticians, and more. Our Doctors and optical staff are here to provide eye care for our community. Call us at (714) 894-3353 to book an appointment with an optometrist on our optical team.

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