Eye and Vision Exam FAQs

Eye exams help uncover eye health or vision problems in their early stages, so you can get immediate treatment to preserve your sight. Routine exams are an essential part of eye care and help ensure you’re enjoying optimal sight. These FAQs from Orange County Vision Center in Los Angeles will explain more about eye exams and the role they play in protecting your sight.

Eye and Vision Exam FAQs

How do I prepare for an eye exam?

Take note of any problems you may be having with your eyes or vision, such as dry eye, blurred vision, difficulty seeing things at a distance, etc., so you can discuss these issues with your optometrist before the exam. If you wear glasses or contacts, be sure to bring these to your appointment. You should also bring a list of any medications you’re currently taking that may affect your eyes.

What types of tests will my optometrist conduct during my eye exam?

A comprehensive eye exam may involve:

  • Visual accuracy tests to determine the clarity of your vision. These tests will determine if you have refractive errors like myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism, or other vision problems that could be impairing your sight. If so, we can prescribe corrective lenses to improve your vision.
  • Eye movement and teaming tests to determine how well your eyes function as a team.
  • Eye health tests to detect signs of eye conditions or diseases like cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, or diabetic retinopathy that can impair your sight.

What is the purpose of dilating your eyes?

Your eye care specialist may dilate your eyes to get a clearer view of the different parts of your eyes, such as the retina or cornea, to detect irregularities that could be affecting your sight. Dilating your eyes makes it easier for the optometrist to uncover hidden issues.

How often should I have a vision exam?

If you have no problems with your eye health or vision, you can see your eye doctor every two years for an eye exam. People who wear glasses or contact lenses should try to schedule annual eye exams to ensure there are no changes to their prescriptions. Seniors 60 years and older are more prone to eye health problems and changes in their vision.

See Our Los Angeles Optometrists for Comprehensive Eye Exams

Eye exams are an essential part of promoting good eye health and maintaining healthy vision. To schedule a comprehensive eye exam at Orange County Vision Center, call our team today at (714) 894-3353 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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