Cataracts are both very common and very disturbing to individuals who suffer from them. This clouding of the eyes' lenses, which affects many elders, can lead to blindness if it goes untreated. However, proper evaluation and care from our optometry team at Orange County Vision Center in Garden Grove, CA, can help you manage the condition until the time comes to have those sight-stealing cataracts removed. We also serve Seal Beach, CA, and Rossmoor, CA.


Causes and Symptoms of Cataracts

The lenses of your eyes normally allow light to pass through easily. However, if the proteins in the lenses start clumping together, they can form an opaque obstacle to incoming light. These accumulations are known as cataracts. Some cataracts can occur due to risk factors such as previous eye damage or underlying health conditions. However, most develop gradually over time as we age.

Cataracts may display no symptoms in their early stages. As they grow, you may notice such issues as:

●             Changes in the way you see colors.

●             Blurred or double vision.

●             Deteriorating night vision.

●             Sensitivity to light and/or a strange haze around bright lights.

Cataract Diagnosis, Monitoring, and Management

You should always schedule an eye exam whenever you notice a significant change in your vision, especially as you get older and eye disease such as cataracts become more of a threat. A comprehensive eye exam can reveal the presence of cataracts at any stage of their development.

Most cases of cataracts take many years to develop to the point that they become a genuine nuisance or safety hazard. During the early stages, regular eye exams can enable our optometry team to monitor the cataracts' rate of growth and effects on your eyesight.

When your cataracts start interfering with your quality of life, we may recommend surgery and refer you to a qualified eye surgeon to get your cataracts removed. We can then provide followup exams to make sure that you're enjoying the expected benefits of cataract surgery.

Get an Eye Exam or Cataracts Treatment from an Optometrist Garden Grove, CA, Can Benefit from

Don't resign yourself to escalating vision problems due to a possible case of cataracts. Schedule an eye exam and request treatment advice from the optometrist Garden Grove, CA, trusts. Contact Orange County Vision Center today to learn more and schedule an appointment. Call us at (714) 894-3353 for cataracts treatment. We also serve Seal Beach, CA, and Rossmoor, CA.

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