Contact Lenses

Over 4 million people in SoCal wear contact lenses. The reasons for wearing contacts instead of glasses are almost as varied as the people who wear them. If you have ever considered wearing contacts but still aren't sure if contacts are right for you, here is some essential information your optometrist at Orange County Vision Center in Garden Grove would like you to consider. 

contact lenses

In Some Cases, Contact Lenses Can Provide Permanent Vision Correction

Orthokeratology, sometimes called ortho-K, is a non-invasive, non-surgical, non-laser method of correcting myopia with special contact lenses. Some patients who undergo ortho-K are able to achieve normal vision without glasses or contacts after a few months. It's an alternative to laser PRK for children, teens, and young adults who don't have stable enough vision for laser surgery.

Your Optometrist Can Help You Find Comfortable Contacts for Astigmatism

Astigmatism is blurry vision caused by variations in the curvature of the cornea. You can get glasses for astigmatism, but they become ineffective if they slip down your nose. Contacts, on the other hand, can provide much better vision correction, but they need to fit securely on the surface of your eye.

The problem with rigid gas-permeable contacts that effectively correct astigmatism is that most wearers can feel them on their eyes all the time. Your optometrist at Orange County Vision Center can typically prescribe contacts that have a rigid center for the necessary vision correction, while the soft edges feel the same as soft contacts on your eye. This way, you can enjoy great vision correction with the comfort you need to wear contacts in any situation.

Contacts Can Be Part of a Completely New Look

If you are investing in Botox, laser resurfacing, or plastic surgery on your eyelids or eyebrows, make an appointment with Orange County Eye Center to see your Doctor of Optometry about contacts that complement your aesthetic work. You can use contacts to change the color of your eyes to what you have always wanted them to be. Contacts can also draw attention to your eyes, making you even more alluring after plastic procedures.

You Need to Get a New Prescription for Contacts Every Year

You can order refills for your contacts online, but you need to visit us once a year for your eye exam and prescription. Our eye doctors at Orange County Vision Center provide comprehensive eye care to patients from across Orange County and even Los Angeles. Call our team for an appointment today at (714) 894-3353 or share your eye care concerns using our online contact form. Orange County Vision Center is located at 12500 Valley View St, Ste B, Garden Grove, CA 92845 US.

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